It can be found here: 305th Infantry Roster. The regimental citation read: "For greatest fighting spirit and self-sacrifice during action of April10, 12 and 13, 1918. From there, I tracked down (luckily) a web-based roster for the 305th Infantry. The primary ROTC feeder schools were the College of the City of New York and New York University. Infantry. (1936). 1ST ALABAMA INF SUPPLY CO -CO G 2ND INF REGT ALA NG, 2ND ALABAMA INF NG CO G -CO I 4TH ALA INF REGT, 2ND INF ARK NG CO L - BTRY A 1ST FA CALIFNG, BTRY B 1ST BA FA CALIF NG - CO I 2ND INF CALIF NG, 2ND INF CALIF NG CO K - CO B 7TH CALIF NG, 7TH INF CALIF NG CO C - TRP A 1ST CAV COLO NG, 1ST CAV COLO NG TRP A - CO B 1ST SEP BN INF COLO NG, 1ST SEP BN INF COLO NG CO B - BTRY E 10TH F CONN NG, 10TH FIELD ART CONN NG BTRY E - SAN DET 2ND INF CONN NG, 2ND INF REGT CONN NG DET 28 - 2ND INF CONN NG, 2ND INF REGT CONN NG DET - 3RD INF D.C. NG, 3RD INF REGT D.C NG DET - CO L 3RD INF D.C. NG, 3RD INF REGT D.C NG CO M - MACH GUN CO 2ND INF FLA NG, 2ND INF REGT FLA NG CO A - TRP B 1ST CAV GA NG, 1ST SQ CAV GA NG TRP E - CO A 1ST INF GA NG, 5TH INF REGT GA NG CO D - CO B 2ND REGT IDAH NG, 2ND INF IDA REGT NG CO B - TRP L 1ST CAV ILL NG, 1ST CAV ILL NG TRP M - SUPPLY CO 1ST INF ILL NG, 2ND INF ILL NG DET - SUPPLY CO 4TH INF ILL NG, 4TH INF ILL NG CO A - SAN DET 6TH INF ILL NG, 6TH INF ILL NG HQ AND SAN - DET 7TH INF ILL NG, 7TH INF REGT ILL NG - DET 9TH INF REGT ILL NG, 2ND INF REGT IND CO L- INDIV OFF ROLLS IND NG, 1ST INF REGT IOWA NG HQ FIELD STAFF- CO D 1ST TNF IOWA NG, 1ST INF REGT IOWA NG HQ CO D- HQ CO 2ND TNF IOWA NG, 2ND INF REGT IOWA NG - CO C 3RD TNF IOWA NG, 3RD INF REGT IOWA NG - TRP A 1ST CAV KANAS NG, 1ST CAV KANSAS NG - HQ CO 2ND INF KANAS NG, 2ND INF KANSAS NG HQ CO - CO C 3RD INF KANAS NG, 3RD INF KANSAS NG - CO I 1ST INF KENTUCKY NG, 1ST INF KENTUCKY NG CO I - DET CO K 2ND KENTUCKY NG, 2ND INF KENTUCKY NG CO K - CO B SIGNAL CORPS KY NG, KENTUCKY NG CO B SIGNAL CORPS -CO C 1ST INF LA NG, 1ST INF REGT LA NG CO D -CO A 2ND INF MAINE NG, 4TH INF MARYLAND NG CO E - CO G 5TH INF MD NG, TROOP A CAV MARYLAND NG - CO D 4TH INF MD NG, 5TH INF MARYLAND NG CO G - SAN DET 1ST F.A.MASS NG, 1ST FA REGT MASS NG SUPPLY CO - CO C 2ND INF MASS NG, 2ND INF MASS NG CO C - CO H 5TH INF MASS NG, 6TH INF MASS NG - MACHINE GUN CO 9TH INF MASS NG, 9TH INF MASS NG SUPPLY CO - FIELD HOSP CO NG, FIELD HOSPITAL CO 2 IND - ORGANIZED MILITIA 31ST MICH, 32ND INF MICH NG SAN DET - 32ND INF MICH NG, 33RD INF MICH NG FIELD STAFF - CO G 33RD INF MICH NG, 33RD INF MICH NG CO H8 - BTRY B 1ST FA MINN, 1ST FA MINN BTRY B - DET CO I 1ST INF MINN, 2ND INF MINN NG CO M - MACH GUN CO 1ST INF MISS NG, 1ST INF REGT MISS NG SUPPLY CO - CO C 2ND INF REGT MISS NG, 2ND INF MISS NG CO D - CO A 1ST INF MO NG, 1ST INF MO NG CO A - SUPPLY CO 2ND INF MO NG, 2ND INF REGT MO NG - CO I 3RD INF REGT MO NG, 3RD INF REGT MO CO I- CO M 4TH INF REGT MO NG, 4TH INF REGT MO NG DET REGTL- CO C 2ND INF REGT MONT NG, 2ND INF REGT MONT NG CO C- CO D 4TH INF NEBR NG, 4TH INF REGT NEBR NG CO D- CO K 5TH INF NEBR NG, 5TH INF NEBR NG CO L- CO B 1ST INF N.H. NG, 1ST INFN.H. New York, George H. Doran company. Explore regimental histories, soldier rosters, morning reports, and reports of casualties to better understand the combat experiences of your WWI veteran. What is 319th Infantry Regiment Ww1 Roster. 433 pages. During training, it was decided that patches could make it easier for the soldiers to identify one another in battle. PROV MOTORCYCLE CI#1 MOTOR TRANSPORT-10TH MOTOR TRANSPORT . POST N.C.S MANILA-DET FIN DEPT MITCHELL FLD. [6][7], Activated 17 December 1946 in the Organized Reserves with headquarters in New York City. Empty cart. ABMC Headquarters 2300 Clarendon Blvd, Suite 500 Arlington, VA 22201 Phone: 703-584-1501 2ND BN TRENCH MORTAR BTRY C- BTRY CAC 8TH T.M, 9TH TRENCH MORTAR CAC- BTRY 59TH 111TH T.M. The 38th Infantry Regiment was first established on July 28, 1866, as part of the Regular Army. Published by at June 22, 2022. 16th 18th 26th 28th. Also lists wounded and killed in action. These names were taken from A short history and illustrated roster of the 106th Infantry, United States Army, Col. Frank H. Norton commanding, 1918. Georgetown Lacrosse Record, Files of the 306th Field Artillery may be included in Box 40. Engineer Troops1st Regiment. Montgomery, William SGT Company A Questionnaire . He made it overseas on April 16th, 1918 and served overseas for an entire year before leaving on April 24th, 1919. The Society of the Fifth Division (1919) The official history of the Fifth division, U. S. A., during the period of its organization and of its operations in the European world war, 1917-1919. Read about and buy our recently published book: November 14, 2022: The Veterans Day program has been rescheduled, Honorable discharge due to dependent relatives. 4th 7th 30th . "The regimental rosters": p. [311]-432. 1st Infantry Regiment Field Staff,1912-1916 - Serv. The division insignia was chosen as a red diamond with a white 5 in the center. Sherwood, Elmer W. (1929). Infantry. The Red diamond (Meuse) division. Washington DC: Government Printing Office, United States of America War Office (1919) Report of the Chief of Engineers: US Army, Part I. . ORD DET SAN JUAN, P.R.-ENG DIV ENL ORD CORPS, CONS DET ENL,Wash DC-DET QMC,SPRINGFIELD, MASS, DET QMC,SPRINGFIELD-HQ ORD DETS,BENICIA, CALIF, HQ ORD DETS,BENICIA, CALIF-ENL ORD, EDGEWOOD, ARS. Wildcats The 315th Infantry (79th Division, United States Army) was a combat unit of the American Expeditionary Forces in France (p. 6). Comprised of primarily African American combat units. It makes sense given his NY area residency at the time. Be the first one to, Advanced embedding details, examples, and help, United States. The name on the bag clearly stated a P. P.go. 321TH FIELD ARTILLERY REGT ENL ORD-BTRY B 322ND FA REGT. 336TH FIELD ARTILLERY REGT BTRY F-BTRY A 339TH FA REGT. The Story of the Rainbow Division. Buffalo Soldiers ORD DET B, EDGEWOOD PA-DET MED DEPT, DOVER, N.J, ORD DET B, DOVER N.J.-DET ORD CORP,ROCK ISLAND, ILL, DET ORD CORP,ROCK ISLAND, ILL-DET MD WATERTOWN, MASS, GEN ORD, WATERTOWN, MASS-DET QMC WATERVLIET,NY, DET ORD, CAROZAL,C.Z-103 RD MOBILE ORD,28TH DIV. The 41st was first activated for Army service in 1 April 1917 primarily from Guard units of the Northwestern United States and trained at Camp Green, North Carolina. 75th Ranger Regiment Special Forces Infantry Regiments/Battalions Army Campaigns Pre-divisional Orders of Battle . why was the earl of strafford accused of treason. 77th Infantry division Unit History PDF . 24TH FIELD ARTILLERY REGTHQ &HQ BTRY- BTRYA 24TH FA REGT , 24TH FIELD ARTILLERY REGT BTRYA- BTRY D 24TH FA REGT, BTRY E 24TH FIELD ARTILLERY REGT- BTRY D 25TH FA REGT, 25TH FIELD ARTILLERY BTRY D- HQ & HQ BTRY 2ND BN 36TH FA REGT. DET FIN DEPTFT WM MC KINLEY-ROTC SIGNAL CORPS. The majority of my World War One portrait collection are comprised of quality shots depicting unidentified soldiers posing for the camera in France or Germany. Washington DC: Government Printing Office. Divisional Infantry Regiments of World War I. August 25, 1917. SIG CORPS NO ROLLS 10464-SIG CORPS NO ROLLS 11799. It consisted of the 81st Infantry Brigade (161st and 162nd Infantry Regiments) and the 82nd Infantry Brigade (163rd and 164th Infantry Regiments). 77th Division. on the Internet. His draft card gives his exact birthdate June 29th, 1895. Definitions of abbreviations can be found here. Artillery served almost continuously with the 42nd Division in France. DET SAN CORPS HQ, GAS DEFENSE SERV MD WASH DC-CHEM SERV SEG HARVARD UNIV DET CAMBRIDGE MASS, COAST ARTILLERY,1ST BTRY D- BTRY H, 1ST CA, COAST ARTILLERY,3RD HQ BTRY- 4TH HQ BTRY REGT, COAST ARTILLERY,4TH HQ BTRY- 4TH BTRY D REGT, COAST ARTILLERY,4TH, BTRY D- 5TH BTRY HQ REGT, COASTAL ARTILIERY 6TH BTRY K-HQ BTRY 8TH CA REGT, 8TH COASTAL ARTILIERY REGT-HQ BTRY 11TH CA REGT, 11TH COAST ARTILLERY REGT BTRY K-BTRY A 13TH CA REGT, 13TH COAST ARTILLERY BTRY A-HQ BTRY 14TH CA REGT FT WORDEN WASH, 14TH CA REGT HQ BTRY-PROV DET 14TH CA REGT, 15TH COAST ARTILLEREY REGT HQ CO-BTRY C 15TH COAST ARTILLERY REGT, 15TH COAST ARTILLEREY REGT BTRY D-BTRY D 16TH CA REGT, 16TH COAST ARTILLEREY REGT BTRY D-HQ BTRY 41ST CAC REGT, 41ST COAST ARTILLEREY REGT HQ BTRY 1ST BN-BTRY E 42ND CAC REGT, 42ND CAC REGT BTRY R-SUPPLY CO 47TH C REGT, 47TH CAC REGT BTRY A-SV BTRY 51ST CAC REGT, 51TH CAC REGT SV BTRY- BTRY D 51ST CAC REGT, 51TH CAC REGT BTRY D- ORD DET 52ND CAC REGT, 52TH CAC REGT SERVBTRY- BTRY E 52ND CAC REGT, 55TH CAC REGT BTRY I-BTRY A 57TH CAC REGT, 57TH CAC REGT BTRY A-BTRY D 58TH CAC REGT, 58TH CAC REGT BTRY E-BTRY A 59TH CAC REGT, 59TH CAC REGT BTRY A-BTRY D 59TH CAC REGT, 60TH CAC REGT DET BAND-BTRY A 60TH CAC REGT, 60TH CAC REGT BTRY A-BTRY E 60TH CAC REGT, 60TH CAC REGT BTRY E-BTRY A 61ST CAC REGT, 62ND CAC REGT HQ CO-HQ BTRY 62ND CAC REGT, 62ND CAC REGT BTRY C-HQ BTRY 2ND BN 62ND CAC REGT, 62ND CAC REGT HQ CTRY 2ND-HQ BTRY 63RD CAC REGT, 63RD CAC HQ BTRY 2ND-BTRY B 63RD CAC REGT, 72ND COAST ARTILLERY BTRY A-BTRY F 75TH ARTILLERY CAC, 91ST COAST ARTILLERY HQ BTRY -BTRY C 91ST CA, 91ST CA REGT BTRY C -DET HQ BTRY 92ND CA REGT, 92ND COAST ARTILLERY REGT HQ AND BAND -BTRY E 92ND CA REGT, 7TH CAC REGT BRIG BTRY F -MED DET 4TH AA BN, C.A.C UNASGD McDOWELL-C.A.C UNASGD SHERIDAN, C.A.C AT SEA U.S.A.T SHERMAN-7TH BAND C.A.C, 87TH CO CAC REDESIGNATEDL-40TH CO CAC FT HOWARD, 40TH CO CAC REDESIGNATED BALBOAL-144TH CO CAC ANCON C.Z, 144TH CO CAC REDESIGNATED-103TH CO CAC HOWARD, 103TH CO CAC FT. MYER-DET 1ST CO C.A.C FT REVER, DET 1ST CO C.A.C FT REVER-7TH CO C.A.C FT WARREN, DET 1ST CO C.A.C FT WARREN-4TH CO C.A.C FT STRONG, DET 4TH CO C.A.C FT STRONG-152ND CO C.A.C FT BANK, 152ND CO C.A.C FT BANKS-31ST CO C.A.C FT WARREN, 31ST CO C.A.C FT ANDREWS-1ST CO C.A.C FT CASWELL, 1ST CO C.A.C FT CASWELL-31ST CO C.A.C FT CASWELL, HQ CO C.A.C FT CHARLESTON-78TH CO C.A.C FT MOULTRIE, 78TH CO C.A.C FT MOULTRIE-41ST CO C.A.C FT WILLIAMS, 41ST CO C.A.C FT MONROE-6TH CO C.A.C FT CHESAPEAKE, 6TH CO C.A.C CHESAPEAKE-8TH CO C.A.C FT MONROE, 8TH CO C.A.C FT MONROE-34TH CO C.A.C FT VANCOUVER. sf_history sf_action John A. TEAMSTERS&PACKERS SCH FORT SAM HOUSTON-DET FINANCE DEPT FT DIX NJ. The 30th Infantry Regiment can be credited with 531 days of combat operations while sustaining 8,308 casualties. Since then it has served as a training Regiment. Login; Register; county commissioner district 2 washington state. Canal Sector, Ypres-Lys Offensive, Somme Offensive. Diary of Colonel Joseph Hyde Pratt commanding 105th Engineers, A.E.F. HQ CO PACIFIC SECTOR-HQ MIL POLICE CO PANAMA, DET MED CORPS DORD-DET QM CORPS PIG POINT. Served under French Army. 13TH BN DET CO A FT MCPHERSON GA-CO D 28TH BN FT MCPHERSON GA. 28TH BN USG CO B-US LEQUIDATION MISSION IN ENGLAND. I found this document on line. Thanks to Jeff Wignall for procuring this valuable resource. Engineer Troops - 1st Regiment Signal Troops - 2nd Battalion Division Units - 1st Machine Gun Battalion 2nd Division (U.S.M.C) - Brigadier General John E. LeJeune, commanding; Brigadier General Preston Brown, Chief-of-Staff 3rd Brigade Infantry - Brigadier General Hanson E. Ely 9th Infantry Regiment 23rd Infantry Regiment 5th Machine Gun Battalion Includes lists of Croix de Guerre & DSC Winners. 314th AMM TR, 4th MTR-316th AMM TR, Co E . History Of The Third Infantry Division In World War II. He rejoined the unit on the 16th after being in the hospital for 11 days. STAFF FT STEVENS. At the time he lived at 425 East 116th Street in Manhattan and wasnt legally registered as an American citizen. The Regiment was constituted 5 August 1917 in the National Army as the 306th Infantry and assigned to the 153rd Infantry Brigade of the 77th Division. Guaranteed original. Peter Pizzolongo. 305th infantry regiment ww1 roster . Philippine Republic Presidential Unit Citation, "US Forces in Meuse-Argonne Offensive 29 September 11 November 1918", "Order of Battle (Unit Structure) American Forces World War I", "Component Elements of the Infantry Divisions in World War II - U.S. Army Center of Military History", "305th Regiment | Lineage and Honors | U.S. Army Center of Military History", "1st Battalion 305th Infantry, 177th Armored Brigade", "2nd Battalion 305th Field Artillery, 177th Armored Brigade",, Constituted 5 August 1917 in the National Army, This page was last edited on 28 October 2021, at 00:41.